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Vol. 11, Special Issue 5 (2022)

Role of sterility and incompatibility and crop improvement in vegetable crops

Samiksha, Vijay Bahadur, Narendra Kumar and Sandeep Kumar Pathak
Male sterility in vegetables is a never-ending process due to rapid advancement in molecular technique sand their implementation. Male sterile mutants play an important role in the utilization of heterosis and the study of development and regulation in plant reproduction Substantial progress has been made in understanding the mechanism of male sterility in selected vegetable crops. On a global level, cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) and cytoplasmic genetic male sterility (CGMS) are the most widely utilized in the majority of vegetables. In India vegetable hybrids based on CMS and CGMS system have been limited. In India, genetic male sterility (GMS) has been exploited commercially only in the cases of chilli and muskmelon to develop F1 hybrid seed commercially. Molecular basis of self-incompatibility system in vegetable crops Self incompatibility is an important out breeding mechanism results due to morphological, genetic, physiological and bio chemical causes. So far it has been reported in about 70 families of angiosperms including several crop species. The common way of plants to avoid self-fertilization is by self-incompatibility. It is a physiological barrier making the flower difficult to fertilize itself even though it may be abundantly pollinated with its own pollen. There are two forms of self-incompatibility system includes sporophytic self-incompatibility and gametophytic self-incompatibility. Sporophytic self-Incompatibility system is a feature of crucifer family (Brassicaceae). In this review, we discuss the self-incompatibility system in molecular level, its practical application and suppression and its impact in vegetable crops.
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Samiksha, Vijay Bahadur, Narendra Kumar and Sandeep Kumar Pathak. Role of sterility and incompatibility and crop improvement in vegetable crops. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(5S): 1571-1577.

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