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Vol. 11, Special Issue 5 (2022)

A review-based study on fortification of fruit leather with protein enriched products

Avika Khandelwal and Sakshi Bhasker
Fruits are an important part of the diet. According to the Food Safety and Standards Regulations. 2011, fruit leather are dried sheet of fruit pulp which have delicate, is becoming famous for its taste, chewy nature & nutritive worth. They might be eaten as snack food & a solid option for boiled sweets and also utilized in manufacturing cookies, cakes, and ice cream. They are also used in form of form tablets in some Asian companies.
Whey protein is a useful ingredient known for its medical advantages like immunity enhancement, cholesterol decreasing, and reduces blood pressure. It is a decent food supplement for making fruit leather and energy bars. The utilization of whey protein in sports and snack products conveys supplements that have a positive effect on body composition. Mango fruit leather has a benefit for protein advancement attributable to simplicity, lower creation cost, better shopper claim and is popular among children. Fruit leather is dried fruit or dehydrated fruit, high in fibre and carbohydrates, whilst low in fats. Fruit leathers are chewy, have a pleasant flavour, and are consumed as a sweet snack. Due to its appealing nature, dried fruit leathers are another practical way to increase the consumption of solid fruit, especially for children and old age people. Since fruit leathers are concentrated, with a higher nutrient density compared to fresh fruit due to dehydration, this makes them a healthier and convenient alternative snack compared to candies and confections. In addition, fruit leathers contain fewer calories per serving and greater nutritional value in terms of antioxidants and minerals due to the dehydration process concentrating the nutrients; therefore, they are suitably healthy food for health food markets. The lower moisture content of fruit leathers also reduces microbial infestation during storage and transportation. Fortification is the process of adding micronutrients which are present in the food in low quantity or were present in high quantity but got lost during heating or processing. This can be done on the order of government or for personal reasons. Mango fruit leather is fortified with roasted gram flour because children are found to have low levels of protein and gram flour is high in protein.
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Avika Khandelwal and Sakshi Bhasker. A review-based study on fortification of fruit leather with protein enriched products. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(5S): 1378-1382.

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