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Vol. 11, Special Issue 5 (2022)

Study of breeding season in female goats

P Inwati, SN Shukla, NK Shakya, KK Gupta and A Bisen
The effect of season in breeding performance of goats was studied in 848 breeding goats maintained under organized as well as unorganized rearing system in Jabalpur. Sirohi goat breeding data revealed that during three years, maximum breeding occurs in the month of August (23.58%) followed by June (16.32%), September (12.44%), May and October (11.92%), December (7.51%) and February (6.48%) but less number of animals were bred during January (1.30%), March (2.33%), July (4.40%) and November (1.81%). However, no breeding was recorded in the month of April. Similarly, higher percentage of breeding were recorded during the month of December (15.65%) followed by September (14.48%), August (12.17%), June (11.30%), May (10.43%) and January (8.69%) in Barbari goats. The total breeding in Sirohi and Barbari goats was also recorded higher during August (20.96%), followed by June (15.17%), May (11.58%), September (12.97), October (9.78%) and December (9.38%).
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P Inwati, SN Shukla, NK Shakya, KK Gupta and A Bisen. Study of breeding season in female goats. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(5S): 964-965.

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