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Vol. 11, Special Issue 5 (2022)

Perception of respondents towards the policies, means and expectations of governmental support in agripreneurship

Nupur Biswas and Chandan Kumar Panda
The paper is based on the study “Factors promoting agripreneurship: An in depth study” as perceived by respondents of Bihar. The study was conducted in Bihar Agricultural University from the department of extension education in which perception of respondents towards governmental support was studied. Total 80 respondents were taken to study which includes 20 respondents were taken from each four districts namely, Patna, Purnea, Nalanda and Bhagalpur agripreneurs There are three agro-climatic zones in Bihar comprising North-West (Zone-I), North-East (Zone-II) and South-Bihar (Zone-III) alluvial plains. The lists of respondents were collected from KVK’s and BAMETI (Bihar Agriculture Management and Extension Training Institute) and agripreneurs of concerned field under the jurisdiction of Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour were taken for study. This paper is related to “study perceptions of respondents towards the means and expectations of governmental support”. The data was collected by survey method and then recorded and compiled. It was found that the perception was vary from different agripreneurs of the research locale, however the perception of respondents in respect to governmental support was found that provided needed training was got the maximum response by the respondents because it is most important aspect in entrepreneurship, as without full information like proper practical and theoretical knowledge in the concerned field, no one can start their own firm smoothly, whereas arranging loans at cheaper rate got the maximum response in the case of expectations of government support.
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Nupur Biswas and Chandan Kumar Panda. Perception of respondents towards the policies, means and expectations of governmental support in agripreneurship. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(5S): 1159-1162.

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