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Vol. 11, Special Issue 4 (2022)

Impact of chlorantraniliprole insecticide on microbial activity in paddy soils of Kerala

Greeshma Suresh and Thomas George
Chlorantraniliprole, a systemic insecticide coming under carbanilic diamide group, acting on insect ryanodine receptors, is effective against the lepidopteran, coleopteran and dipteran pests of crops including rice [1]. The presence of Chlorantraniliprole residues in soil is reported to have adverse effect on microbial population and enzymatic activity in soil [2] and the studies on enzyme activities are important since they indicate the potential of soil to support biochemical processes ultimately deciding the biological reactions as well [3]. The study was conducted in paddy fields with the objective of assessing soil microbial activity consequent to the application of different formulations of chlorantraniliprole.
The field experiment and soil enzyme assays were carried out in-order to understand the metabolic activity of soil micro-organisms before and after application of chlorantraniliprole formulations (Ferterra 0.4 GR and Coragen 18.5 SC).
The urease and dehydrogenase activity were estimated in order to assess the effect of residues on soil microbes after single, double and triple application of both the formulations. Soil application of chlorantraniliprole (Ferterra 0.4 GR) had more significant effect than foliar application (Coragen 18.5 SC) in rice on soil microbes. The control field had higher microbial activity than all the treatment plots indicating reduction in microbial activity during the exposure period. However, the soil microbial activity was regained 60 days after the last application.
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Greeshma Suresh and Thomas George. Impact of chlorantraniliprole insecticide on microbial activity in paddy soils of Kerala. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(4S): 2029-2034.

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