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Vol. 11, Special Issue 4 (2022)

Feeding management adopted by sheep farmers in North Eastern region of Tamil Nadu

S Usha and D Reena
The study was conducted on grazing management practices of sheep in north eastern semi arid region of Tamil Nadu covered 150 sheep farmers in 20 villages. Majority of the sheep farmers (95%) followed in the extensive system of management. Most of the farmers (71%) were allowing animals for grazing 4 to 8 hours. The grazing time was highest (9.56 hrs) in summer and lowest in rainy season (3.72hrs). Generally, Sheep farmers (69%) were covered a distance of 3 to 5 km. They adopted sheep and goats were taken for grazing in mixed flocks. In the present finding, (22%) lambs started grazing up to 2 months and (78%) after 2 months respectively. Most of the sheep farmers were followed in zero input system to rear sheep flocks. The method of watering animals revealed (65%) of the farmers offered drinking water in sheep shed. Mineral mixture and salt licks was not provided to sheep by (94%) sheep farmers. Adoption of overall scientific feeding practices among sheep farmers in vogue and donot meet the scientific standards. Hence, these practices need to be improved to a greater extent by adopting training and demonstration to increase production potential in this zone. The cost of feed and fodder was higher besides fodder scarcity and provision of subsidized loan facility to sheep farmers need to give priority in this region.
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S Usha and D Reena. Feeding management adopted by sheep farmers in North Eastern region of Tamil Nadu. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(4S): 1594-1597.

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