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Vol. 11, Special Issue 4 (2022)

Impact of TV viewing on children and methods adopted for preventing excessive TV viewing

Prasad Deshmukh and Jaya Bangale
A sample of 150 rural school going children (80 male and 70 female) age ranged between 7-13 yrs were selected by following purposive random sampling method from 6 villages of Parbhani District. The data pertaining to the study were collected by personally interviewing the sample rural school going children based on open ended interview schedule cum checklist after developing rapport with them. Irrespective of gender, all the rural school going children stated that viewing different programmes on TV is a source of their recreation, they get acquainted with new information and also this is the source of getting relief. In addition to these, irrespective of gender, considerably a higher percentage of rural school going children (87-98%) specified that viewing TV programmes was beneficial in developing pro-social behavior like helping to others (95-98%), sharing (87-92%) and co-operating (92-96%). About 94-97 percent of rural school going children expressed that due to viewing various programmes on TV, they developed moral values, followed by enhanced curiosity (87-94%), for updated self (77-84%), enhanced vocabulary (82-83%), got to cultural variations (77-82%), learnt mannerism (70-80%) and also for enhanced general knowledge (55-67%). On the whole statistically no significant differences were recorded with regard to the advantages of the TV viewing reported by the rural school going children. Predominantly it was notices that causing eye strain, parental aggression and adverse effects on school performance were the disadvantages of TV viewing reported by rural school going children. Based on gender statistically no differences were found among sample rural going children about it.
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Prasad Deshmukh and Jaya Bangale. Impact of TV viewing on children and methods adopted for preventing excessive TV viewing. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(4S): 1412-1417.

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