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Vol. 11, Special Issue 4 (2022)

An appraisal of land use and cropping pattern in Solapur district of Maharashtra

PV Gavhane, AV Gavali and GS Shinde
The paper examines the structure and nature of land use, cropping pattern, crop diversification, crop concentration, productivity level based on the secondary data collected for the three periods ie. 1988-90, 2001-003 and 2014-16. The data was collected from different published sources such as socio economic survey of Solapur district, other surveys related to livestock population, forest area in district. For this study have selected three periods. Among this Periods, 1988-90 was considered as base period. Comparative study between three periods had done. The data was obtained on the land use and cropping pattern were analysed by simple tabular method. The study has revealed that the Solapur district experiencing a lateral movement towards crop specialization and crop diversification. The investigation revealed that area under forest was decreased by 1.68 per cent during the study period. It showed non-significant change during the study period. Land under non-agricultural use was decreased to 27886 hectares which showed a decrease of 57.96 per cent over the base period. The study has identified the major determinants of agricultural productivity in Solapur district and has suggested some policy measures for increasing agricultural productivity in the state.
Pages: 1340-1344  |  355 Views  179 Downloads
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PV Gavhane, AV Gavali and GS Shinde. An appraisal of land use and cropping pattern in Solapur district of Maharashtra. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(4S): 1340-1344.

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