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Vol. 11, Special Issue 4 (2022)

A review on development and evaluation of intercultural implements for small and marginal farmers

Adarsha, Murukannappa and Thimmegowda MN
The removal of weeds grow in-between crops is an important operation in crop cultivation as they reduce the crop growth and yield and review indicated that the highest 99.44% weeding efficiency for Khurpi followed by grubber weeder (96.8%) but latter one is a viable option with more field capacity than Khurpi and weeding efficiency of 82.89%, 79.59% and 97.21% recorded with power weeder, wheel hoe and traditional method respectively. A manually operated sprocket weeder showed that, the weeding efficiency of the sprocket weeder was found to be 94.5% with a field capacity of 0.032 ha/h with a time saving of 84 per cent and cost of operation Rs. 375/ha with a cost saving of 79.16 per cent compared to traditional method. A manual operated single row weeder for groundnut crop with field capacity of 0.0285 ha/h with higher weeding efficiency (80.42%) which is less compared to sprocket weeder but more suitable for groundnut crop. The Mono wheel operated sprayer cum weeder developed, with an actual field capacity of 0.031 ha/h, a theoretical field capacity of 0.0428 ha/h, a field efficiency of 65.54 percent was observed. The Modified Push and pull type cycle weeder was superior when compared with twin wheel hoe and Khurpi, with 83.65% of weeding efficiency, field capacity of 0.035 ha/) and benefit cost ratio of 2.156.TNAU weeder showed the increase in the weeding efficiency (5%), field capacity (21%) and performance index (7%) as compared to straight and V blade weeders (4, 21 and 6 percent), respectively.
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Adarsha, Murukannappa and Thimmegowda MN. A review on development and evaluation of intercultural implements for small and marginal farmers. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(4S): 806-815.

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