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Vol. 11, Special Issue 3 (2022)

The study of existing agroforestry and socio-economic analysis on adoption of agroforestry practices

Moni Kumari and Dr. Neelam Khare
On-farm tree production has the potential to be important for livelihood strategies and forest conservation, but it varies widely depending on local conditions. For conducting the experiment a total number of 150 respondents was randomly selected and face to face interview were taken with family heads or available senior members, as well as the use of a questionnaire are some of the survey sources utilized to collect relevant data. The socio-economic survey was carried out on the farmers who mainly rely on agriculture for their income and practicing agroforestry on their farmlands. The purpose of the survey is to know socio-economic value of that particular area that how the people of the village are living on that by using agroforestry model, what are the benefits they are getting and also help this study to increase the farmers that not involved yet in the agroforestry. Even though the majority of Respondents are either illiterate or education as elementary level. Only matric or post matric is about 30% but still the more likely interested to adopting new practices. 26.66% respondents were practicing agroforestry and out of 73.33% not having trees on their farm, 80% respondents had shown willingness to adopt agroforestry after knowing the benefits of agroforestry practices. It was observed that the agroforestry practices enhance the socio-economic status of farmers.
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Moni Kumari and Dr. Neelam Khare. The study of existing agroforestry and socio-economic analysis on adoption of agroforestry practices. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(3S): 1463-1470.

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