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Vol. 11, Special Issue 3 (2022)

The use of auxin and media for rooting of citrus stem cuttings: A review

GT Harshita and Gurpreet Singh
Citrus is a genus consisting of a larger number of species, varieties, cultivars and hybrids. The citrus (Citrus spp.) can be propagated by both the ways seeds as well as vegetative means, majorly budding is a very usual practice for propagation but the cutting method of propagation is more common among all, as this method is the easiest and simplest way for multiplication along with proper rooting by the treatment with different auxins and use of different types of media. Hormone treatment and rooting media play a major significant role in the rooting behavior of cuttings. Higher the concentration of auxin based rooting hormones, especially Indole butyric acid (IBA) resulted in a greater significant rooting effect on the citrus cuttings and the use of rooting media like cocopeat, vermicompost, sand along with a proper combination of other substrates like sawdust, soil, perlite, compost in a suitable concentration ensured a better-rooting success and qualitative root production of Citrus cuttings. Despite these auxins and different types of media, other components like time & season of cuttings taken, the portion of the cuttings taken, planting time, environmental conditions and mechanical treatments which can affect the rooting success are also discussed in this review which would help to provide the knowledge for further research.
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GT Harshita and Gurpreet Singh. The use of auxin and media for rooting of citrus stem cuttings: A review. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(3S): 1268-1273.

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