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Vol. 11, Special Issue 3 (2022)

Farmer’s perception regarding integrated farming system in Haryana

Khushbu and Kanta Sabharwal
All over the world, farmers work hard but do not make money, especially small farmers because there is very little left after they pay for all inputs (seeds, livestock breeds, fertilizers, pesticides, energy, feed, labour, etc.). The emergence of Integrated Farming Systems has enabled us to develop a framework for an alternative development model to improve the feasibility of small sized farming operations in relation to larger ones. Integrated farming systems is a self-absorbed system, in which there is continuous flow of residue, water and nutrients etc., which reduces agricultural costs and increase the income of the farmer and also provides employment. Therefore keeping all this in mind the present study was undertaken with the objectives to study the source of information perception of respondents regarding Integrated Farming System. The study was conducted in two agro climatic (Eastern and Western) zones of Haryana State. Two districts were selected from each zone. Out of each selected district 30 respondents were selected at random thus a total 120 respondents were selected for the purpose of investigation. It was found that In Eastern and Western zone, majority of respondents consulted KVK scientist (88.3% and 78.3%) for getting knowledge about different components of IFS. Regarding perception results revealed that majority of respondents perceived agree with the statement that multi-cropping system in IFS helps to mitigate biotic stress (75.0% and 81.6%) in Western and Eastern zone of Haryana State.
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Khushbu and Kanta Sabharwal. Farmer’s perception regarding integrated farming system in Haryana. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(3S): 1203-1205.

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