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Vol. 11, Special Issue 3 (2022)

Ailanthus excelsa: An alternate tree species for plywood production

MP Divya, KT Parthiban, S Manivasakan and M Packialakshmi
The data on physical and mechanical properties of Ailanthus excelsa (10 yr old) have shown that the mean value for green wood density and drywood density ranged from 839.48 Kg m-3 to 846.97 Kg m-3 and from 390.19 Kg m-3 to 429.07 Kg m-3 respectively. The static bending strength ranged from 319.39 Kg cm-2 to 347.86 Kg cm-2, tension parallel to grain ranged from 376.86 Kg cm-2 to 396.04 Kg cm-2 and tension perpendicular to grain ranged from 109.24 to 124.87 Kg cm-2 for different girth classes of wood. The compression strength parallel and perpendicular to grain ranged from 298.70 to 325.36Kg cm-2 and 102.47 to 114.69 Kg cm-2 respectively. The maximum veneer recovery of 60.95% in higher girth class (90-120 cm and minimum veneer recovery of 45.72% was in lower girth class (30-45 cm) and the veneer shrinkage ranged from 4.57% to5.82% for different girth class. Regarding physical properties of plywood, the plywood density ranged from 613 to 711 Kg m-3; water absorption from 16.37 to 18.58% and thickness swelling from 3.80 to 4.54% in which the plywood density is directly proportional to girth class whereas thickness swelling and water absorption are inversely proportional to girth class. The mechanical properties of plywood are the paramount parameters for the use of plywood as a structural material. The modulus of elasticity varied from 42277 to 5024 N mm-2, modulus of rupture ranged from 29.71 to 34.68 N mm-2 and glue shear strength was from 119 to 1318 N mm-2 for different girth classes. The conclusion which could be drawn from this study is that Ailanthus excelsa wood has shown nearer physical and mechanical properties to the IS 1708 standard. Hence, Ailanthus excelsa wood could be used as core veneer for manufacturing plywood.
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MP Divya, KT Parthiban, S Manivasakan and M Packialakshmi. Ailanthus excelsa: An alternate tree species for plywood production. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(3S): 1184-1187.

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