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Vol. 11, Special Issue 3 (2022)

Advanced imaging diagnostic tools for animals

Rajendra S Ghadge and Pankaj B Hase
In olden days, diagnosis was mainly considered an individual skill acquired through intelligence, experience, following gurus and tricks. Much was depending on nadi pariksha as practiced by ancient vaidyas. With the industrial revolution in the 17th Century onwards. The practice of medicine also evolved in the west into the modern sciences that depends more on documentation and therefore proven facts about aliments. Use of Physical devices both for diagnosis and treatment has become an integral part today. Because of application of computers in medicine, the techniques have further refined and accurate. Veterinary medicine has also tried to catch up with these developments.
Imaging of internal body structures has revolutionized the modern diagnostic methods in both animals and humans. The data obtained from a study can be manipulated with the help of specially developed software to obtain multiple images in various planes and contrast. This eliminates undue exposure, decrease examination time and improves image quality.
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Rajendra S Ghadge and Pankaj B Hase. Advanced imaging diagnostic tools for animals. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(3S): 423-426.

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