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Vol. 11, Special Issue 2 (2022)

Utilization of tuber crops in Western Ghats of Karnataka

Dr. Veena S Jadhav, Dr. K Ramachandra Naik and Sanjana NI Joshi
Tuber crops are the important crops and are the third important food crops Western Ghats region including Sirsi, Joida and Yallapura talukas of Uttara Kannada district and Mysore district are a treasure trove for these tuber crops. More than twenty types of tubers are cultivated in Western Ghats region of Karnataka. The study was conducted in Uttara Kannada district of Sirsi and Joida during 2019-20. For this study, sixty farmers were randomly selected as samples. Survey was carried out with a help of structured interview schedule to elicit the required information from the respondents. For analysis of data, frequency, percentage and garret ranking technique was used. The study shows that, majority of the respondents were females and belong to middle age group and having small area for tuber cultivation. Around nineteen different tubers were growing by tuber growers in Sirsi and Joida and using these tubers for medicinal benefits. Major constraint facing by tuber growers was lack of awareness about availability of different tubers among consumers. Hence, it is necessary to create awareness about tuber crops among consumers through exhibitions and tuber mela in every district of Karnataka.
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Dr. Veena S Jadhav, Dr. K Ramachandra Naik and Sanjana NI Joshi. Utilization of tuber crops in Western Ghats of Karnataka. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(2S): 1216-1219.

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