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Vol. 11, Special Issue 2 (2022)

Prediction of mango fruit maturity using growing degree days

Kanzaria DR, Polara ND, Patel HN, Parasana JS, Senjaliya HJ and Varu DK
The experiment was under taken at Fruit Research Station, Sakkarbaug, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh which falls under South Saurashtra Agro-climatic conditions. The experiment was carried out for consecutive four years from 2013-14 to 2016-17 to estimate the effect of accumulation of growing degree days on flowering, maturity and yield of various mango varieties. Four commercial varieties viz, Kesar, Alphonso, Jamadar and Dudhpendo were selected for the study with Randomized Block Design and five replications. An early bud differentiation was noted with minimum days for BDS (165.75 days with 1511.02 GDD in Jamadar), early flowering (84.73 days with 390.73 GDD) and fruit set (21.76 days with 125.38 GDD) in Alphonso was calculated. While early pea stage (21.63 days with 124.08 GDD), marble stage (40.95 days with 371.44 GDD) and maturity (97.65 days with 1123.83 GDD) was observed in Kesar variety. The highest fruit set at pea stage (14.41%) and marble (1.59%) was noted in Jamadar variety and maximum fruit weight (247.36g in Jamadar) and maximum pulp weight (174.84 g), fruit length (10.77 cm), fruit width (6.81 cm) was reported in Kesar. Though, minimum peel weight (27.18 g), stone weight (18.18g) and more number of fruits per plant (359.75) was reported in Dudhpendo. The maximum yield per plant (74.72 kg), yield tons per ha. (7.54) and highest HUE (6.75 kg/ha/today) was observed in Kesar. The highest HTU (13155.72 oday hrs) and PTU (26613.46 oday hrs) during BDS and similarly at maturity (11942.33 oday hrs) and PTU (12182.69 oday hrs) were reported in Kesar. But for flowering and fruit set the highest HTU (7471.90 and 1111.24 oday hrs) and PTU (9973.37 and 139.14 oday hrs), respectively were recorded for Dudhpenpdo. Thus, GDD have direct influence on flowering to fruit maturity. A mango variety Kesar requires low GDD for maturity with higher Heat Use Efficiency and Photo Thermal Unit.
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Kanzaria DR, Polara ND, Patel HN, Parasana JS, Senjaliya HJ and Varu DK. Prediction of mango fruit maturity using growing degree days. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(2S): 1088-1091.

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