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Vol. 11, Special Issue 1 (2022)

Goat marketing in Satara district

Jadhav SB, Dr. AT Shinde and Deshmukh MS
The study was conducted to assess the marketing of goat in Karad, Koregaon, Lonand and Mhaswad livestock markets of Satara District of Maharashtra state. The data regarding marketing of goat was collected through personal interview of 15 sellers, purchasers and brokers of each market. During study of goat marketing in selected four markets of Satara district, 60.00 per cent of sellers and 63.33 per cent of purchasers preferred to purchase non-descript goat. However 40.00 per cent sellers and 33.33 per cent purchasers preferred osmanabadi goat. Majority of sellers (50.00 per cent) and purchasers (63.33 per cent) preferred adult age goat as compared to young and old age goat. The sellers of the selected markets adopted (56.67 per cent) grooming practice. 80.00 per cent sellers and 68.33 per cent purchasers found that broker are essential to get appropriate price. Whereas, 80.00 per cent sellers need broker to search customers and 63.33 per cent purchasers need broker to fixing the price of goat. It was observed that maximum (95.00 per cent) sellers brought their goat on the day of market and only 05.00 per cent sellers brought their goat on previous day of market.
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Jadhav SB, Dr. AT Shinde and Deshmukh MS. Goat marketing in Satara district. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(1S): 68-74.

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