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Vol. 11, Special Issue 1 (2022)

Problems as avowed by Agri-preneurs and suggestions to overcome them in social entrepreneurship

AM Pandya and OP Sharma
Social entrepreneurship has become the buzz word in India and around the world. People have found this concept of philanthropy a bit intriguing in nature. It has the best mixture of social service and entrepreneurship; this combination makes it most attractive and so unique in nature.The study has examined the problems as avowed by agri-preneurs and suggestions to overcome the problems in social entrepreneurship South Gujarat. For, study primary data were collected on various parameters by using personal interview method for the period of 2021-2022 from seven districts of South Gujarat by survey method using interview schedule. It was found that the Youth prefer government job rather than social entrepreneurship, Lack of awareness amongst the agri-preneurs and farmers about social entrepreneurship is a great concern, It is not financially affordable the right people for social entrepreneurship, Less opportunity for reward in social entrepreneurship is a problem, Conveying the Business Idea of Social Entrepreneurship is a problem, Acquiring Technologies for Social Entrepreneurship is not an easy task, Availability of dedicated sales team is a problem in social entrepreneurship, Sustaining employees for Social Entrepreneurship is not so easy, Improper marketing of product produce by social entrepreneurs and Lack of financial self-sufficiency due to limited income generation is a problem were major problems as avowed by agri-preneurs in social entrepreneurship. Orientation programmes for the youth regarding opportunities in social entrepreneurship, Organization of regular and continuous awareness/interactive programmes about social entrepreneurship, More skilled personnel should be trained to make available the financially affordable personnel for social entrepreneurship, Exploring more and more rewardable and awardable aspects of social entrepreneurship, Developing and promoting site specific and local technologies for social entrepreneurship, Inspection and channelization of business ideas of social entrepreneurship among the agri-preneurs and farmers, Engagement of well trained and knowledgeable sales person in social entrepreneurship, Assurance of financial security to the employees for sustaining them in social entrepreneurship, Easy credit facility should be provided to start a new social enterprise and Development of proper marketing channels for products produced by social enterprises were major suggestions avowed by agri-preneurs in social entrepreneurship.
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AM Pandya and OP Sharma. Problems as avowed by Agri-preneurs and suggestions to overcome them in social entrepreneurship. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(1S): 04-06.

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