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Vol. 11, Special Issue 1 (2022)

Laboratory diagnosis of brucellosis

Mahvash Hira Khan, Shantanu Kodape, Rajeshwar Khandare, Aditya Agrawal and Anil Gattani
The diagnosis of brucellosis can follow different procedures. This research addresses those procedures. Brucellosis is a significant zoonosis. Its diagnosis and control need rapid action. Otherwise, it can cause huge reproductive losses in all species of animals. In humans as well, brucellosis is chronic and debilitating disease. Brucellosis in human can cause dysfunction of several organs if not treated in time. Thus, early diagnosis through laboratory testing is necessary for quick detection of the disease in humans as also in the animals, especially domestic animals. Identification of the causative agent is necessary in detecting this disease. That is why definitive diagnosis is mostly followed for the detection of the disease. However, it should be kept in mind that definitive diagnosis that needs isolation of the subject is a time-consuming diagnosis process. At the same time, it should be performed by the skilled personnel only. To overcome this issue in definitive diagnosis of brucellosis, serological tests are mostly preferred. In the diagnosis of brucellosis, serological tests have been advanced quite a bit over the last two decades all over the world. Highly advanced molecular DNA technology is found to be providing accurate results in diagnosis. For the rapid identification of species and strains affecting the subject, several types of PCR-based assays can be performed these days. Today, two types of tests are followed. One is direct tests and other one is indirect tests. In the direct tests, the present of Brucella is detected when the clinical signs are obvious. In the indirect tests, primary screening is done to found the subclinical situation of a subject.
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Mahvash Hira Khan, Shantanu Kodape, Rajeshwar Khandare, Aditya Agrawal and Anil Gattani. Laboratory diagnosis of brucellosis. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(1S): 1366-1367.

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