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Vol. 11, Special Issue 1 (2022)

To what extent the farmers adoption of drip irrigation system

Narpat Singh and KL Dangi
Water is precious natural resource, which is limiting factor in agricultural production. It necessitates adoption of water management technologies for judicious use of scarce available water resource. Productivity and water management can be achieved by adopting Drip irrigation system (DIS). This system has a tremendous scope in Rajasthan, which is already confronting the serious problems of water scarcity. Drip irrigation is an effective method of providing irrigation water directly into soil at the root zone of plants. The present paper attempts to determine “to what extent the farmers adopted Drip irrigation system”. Interviewing 120 farmers face -to-face, selected through proportionate sampling technique from eight panchyat samities of Chittorgarh and Udaipur in Rajasthan state of India, relevant data were gathered. Empirical data revealed that of total, 35 (58.33 per cent) and 31 (51.67 per cent) of farmers from Chittorgarh and Udaipur districts respectively fell under medium adoption level regarding DIS. Farmers of both the categories (Chittorgarh and Udaipur) are needed to be educated and persuaded regarding following techniques: (1) use of strainer filter to control physical impurities. (2) use of fertigation with DIS. (3) Acid treatment for cleaning the system.(4) use of emitters per plant. (5) Use of 5 ppm chlorine to avoid algae and bacteria and (6) Removal of emitters at the time of every ploughing.
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Narpat Singh and KL Dangi. To what extent the farmers adoption of drip irrigation system. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(1S): 1300-1304.

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