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Vol. 11, Special Issue 1 (2022)

Real-time medical healthcare monitoring & management system using parallel computing

Rahul Singh Chowhan and Purva Dayya
The study focuses on developing an automated e-health monitoring system with mobile agents and interacting web service capabilities. This is to serve specific solutions on physiologic parameters such as respiration rate and heart rate, pulse rate, etc. which would be measured by biosensors and recorded by a smart phones and smart devices like wearable gadgets etc. that would display a graphical user interface to help comprehend the health status in real-time. It also provides information necessary to doctors and family members via a web interface, allowing registered patients to monitor the patient's condition and facilitate remote assessment. It also supports real-time positioning services so that emergencies, such as a heart attack, critical conditions, etc., can be taken care of on an urgent need.
India must use its current "technology"-oriented progress (e.g., sensor based tele-health programmes, etc.) to establish "information"-based community healthcare technology systems in the future. The future of health care governance and public health in India will be determined by the development, integration, understanding and use of a complete and responsive domain of healthcare informatics in the constantly growing global public health environment. As the progress with technology, health care assistance needs to be vitally active and participating for all the age group of patients. It must serve user friendly interface and not in compromising any of the facility available offline institute.
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Rahul Singh Chowhan and Purva Dayya. Real-time medical healthcare monitoring & management system using parallel computing. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(1S): 967-969.

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