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Vol. 11, Special Issue 12 (2022)

Profile of the agriculture assistants of agriculture department in Nagpur district

Tayade BD, Dawane SG and Kharge AP
The study entitled “Communication Behaviour of Agriculture Assistants of Agriculture Department in Nagpur district” was undertaken in ‘Hingna’, ‘Nagpur’, ‘Kalmeshwar’, ‘Saoner’ and ‘Kamptee’ Talukas from Nagpur district with sample size of 90 respondents’ agriculture assistants. The data were collected by conducting personal interview of the each respondent with the help of structured interview schedule. Careful analysis, tabulation and classification of the data were done. Mean, standard deviation, frequency, percentage and correlation of the data were employed for the interpretation of the results. In the case of the personal profile of the agriculture assistants, more than half of the respondents (57.77%) were belonged to young category (up to 35 years) and 55.55 percent of the respondents were educated up to diploma level. Four fifth of the respondents (80.00%) had medium service experience and majority of respondents (61.11%) had received low number of trainings. 71 .11 percent of respondents had medium transfer of agriculture technology facilities available at their disposal 62.23 percent were above average level achievement motivation. Majority of the respondents (64.44%) were satisfied with their job, followed by 34.44 percent were unsatisfied with their job and only 01.12 percent agriculture assistants were found highly satisfied with their job.
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Tayade BD, Dawane SG and Kharge AP. Profile of the agriculture assistants of agriculture department in Nagpur district. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(12S): 114-116.
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