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Vol. 10, Special Issue 9 (2021)

Importance of sugarcane production in India and challenges faced by sugarcane industry

Neha Dwivedi and Ashutosh Shrivastava
Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) is a significant commercial crop of the world as well as India and is cultivated in more than hundred countries like Brazil, India, China, Thailand, Pakistan, Mexico, and Colombia. Almost 60% of world sugar is obtained from sugarcane and remaining from beet root. Sugarcane and sugar mill industry plays a very important role in rural upliftment and mobilization of resources in rural areas. It is a highly organized and controlled Industry. India is second largest producer of sugarcane and stands first in its consumption in worlds ranking. Even though sugarcane is high cost and water galloping crop but as it provides an assured procurement price to the farmer thus farmers are very keen in cultivating this crop, but only 10 percent sugar recovery rate and low productivity are major challenges in front of sugarcane industry. Besides all these issues it still promises a source for bio-fuel, ethanol, bio-manure and bio-electricity the very need for future energy source as the natural sources of these are diminishing day by day. Thus, sugarcane is surely a crop of future and its role in Indian GDP can’t be neglected. There is a wide scope for research and implementation of crop specific policies in this area and it will contribute to sustainable development in this sector.
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Neha Dwivedi and Ashutosh Shrivastava. Importance of sugarcane production in India and challenges faced by sugarcane industry. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(9S): 573-574.

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