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Vol. 10, Special Issue 9 (2021)

Educational aspiration of high school children: Influence of parental encouragement

Reenu Pindar and Dr. CK Singh
Adolescence is the time of transition from childhood dependence to early adulthood freedom and responsibility. Educational aspiration is explained as a psychological construct, which reflects a cognitive type of motivation of the individual. Educational aspiration reflects educational goals an individual set for himself/herself. Parental encouragement is the inspiration or extra-boosting given by the parents to the children for their active involvement in academic life. The present study was conducted in Hisar and Fatehabad district of Haryana state. The sample of study included 120 respondents from Hisar and 120 from Fatehabad district, thus total sample comprised of 240 respondents. Educational Aspiration Scale by Sharma and Gupta (2015) was used to assess educational aspiration and Parental Encouragement Scale by Sharma (1997) was used to assess parental encouragement of students.
The results of study revealed that majority of respondents belonged to moderate category of educational aspirations and majority of respondents perceived moderate level of parental encouragement. There was significant relationship found between educational aspirations and parental encouragement of high school children.
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Reenu Pindar and Dr. CK Singh. Educational aspiration of high school children: Influence of parental encouragement. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(9S): 11-15.

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