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Vol. 10, Special Issue 8 (2021)

Income diversity of the farm household in Kabirdham district of Chhattisgarh

Bhupendra, AK Kostha and Payal Jaiswal
India is the second highest income inequality country in the world lower than only South Africa. Inequality in income would be much higher than that of consumption. Consumption Gini coefficient is 0.36 in 2011-12. Inequality in income is high with a Gini coefficient of 0.55 while wealth Gini coefficient is 0.74 in 2011-12. The present study has been undertaken to Chhattisgarh state having three agro climatic zones i.e., Chhattisgarh Plains, Northern Hill and Bastar Plateau. Kabirdham district was selected because more diversity in the income of farm households than that of other districts of Chhattisgarh plains. The farm households survey was conducted for the agricultural year 2018-2019. In all sample size of 330 respondents was selected for the present study. The results of the income diversification Income of farm households based on income generated by all farms income sources across different farms size groups indicates that diversification index was highest was marginal farms size 0.69 and it was found to be lowest for large farms 0.51.
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Bhupendra, AK Kostha and Payal Jaiswal. Income diversity of the farm household in Kabirdham district of Chhattisgarh. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(8S): 514-516.

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