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Vol. 10, Special Issue 8 (2021)

Geriatric age: An age to heal and care to hold their decline

Reena Solanki and Dr. Kavita Dua
Ageing is an irreparable biological process and considered as main social problem all over the world. It is stated as the inevitable consequence of decline in productiveness. With the advancement of different technologies and modernization, there has been a decrease in the mortality rate, increase in awareness, nutrition, advancement in health care facilities and an increase in life expectancy. In this review paper, main emphasis given on the challenges faced by older adults in daily life activities, normal age –related changes in numerous body systems and ways to improve the quality of the life of seniors. When individuals reach at their end of years then they experience mobility issues, malnutrition problems, medication side effects, need assistance for daily life activities and their different body systems will be affected and does not work properly. And in that situation we can suggest different ways to improve the quality life of your loved ones. A positive view of life can help the older adults to alleviate different type of problems which they faced according to their increasing age.
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Reena Solanki and Dr. Kavita Dua. Geriatric age: An age to heal and care to hold their decline. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(8S): 497-501.

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