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Vol. 10, Special Issue 8 (2021)

Doubling the guava farming based farmer’s income through enhancing productivity using Hi-tech practices

Vangapandu Thriveni, Archana Mishra, Anindita Roy and M Viswanath
The Enhancement farmers income is formulated by bridging the productivity gaps, employing latest production technologies, advanced cropping technologies and improved marketing and feasible through efficient land use planning, wasteland management, diversified farming systems, climate resilient horticulture, precision farming, dry land farming, protected cultivation, modern nursery management techniques for improvement in horticulture productivity, resource use efficiency, increase in cropping intensity and diversification towards high value crops. There is necessary a shift in farmers‟ insight from production to productivity and profitability which can be achieved through high density planting with effective implementation of high tech practices in guava. Central Institute of Sub tropical Horticulture (CISH), Lucknow proved that guava can be successfully grown at closer spacing under high density planting to meadow orchard system with spacing of 2 m x 1m accommodating 5000 plants / hectare. Average yield obtained in meadow orchard system of guava growing is 40 – 60 t /ha when compare to traditional system. Meadow systems in guava had more advancement in improvement in terms of early fruit bearing in first year, Easy to manage due to small trees, Increased overall production (30-50 t ha-1), Reduced cost of production, labor cost and it is very easy to harvesting due to small canopy encourages air to circulate and sunlight to penetrate into center of the tree canopy, good air circulation over traditional systems. Studies indicated that pruning of guava trees can enhance the productivity under high planting density. Pruning restores balance between shoot and root system, besides maintains the growth and vigour of shoots by allowing fewer growing points to grow vigorously. It is important to adopt canopy management and crop regulation practices viz. pruning, withholding of irrigation water, root exposure and root pruning, shoot pruning, shoot bending, deblossoming practices and using saline tolerant rootstock etc. Even though number of plants with well-developed frame work is maintained, the plants may starve for nutrients due to competition. This can be overcome by following the nutrient recommendation standardized for particular planting density. Fertigation and micronutrient application are the major practices in guava to obtain higher yields. The method of application of all essential inputs viz. growth regulators, and micro nutrients for plant growth also had influence on crop growth, productivity and ultimately enhances farmers income.
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Vangapandu Thriveni, Archana Mishra, Anindita Roy and M Viswanath. Doubling the guava farming based farmer’s income through enhancing productivity using Hi-tech practices. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(8S): 358-362.

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