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Vol. 10, Special Issue 8 (2021)

Price behaviour of pearl millet in Gujarat

Damor Joyal and Dr. MR Chandrakar
The study on price behaviour of pearl millet was performed within the boundary of Gujarat state for the duration of ten years i.e. (2009-2019). In order to study inter-year variability, intra-year variability and trends in pearl millet price, secondary data on yearly index numbers of wholesale prices in Gujarat state Pearl millet was compiled for the period from year 2009 - 2019. Coefficient of variation was calculated to measure the variability in yearly and monthly prices. To estimate trend, the linear and quadratic models were used. The measurement of coefficient of variations in yearly prices of pearl millet revealed the ranged from 19.93 per cent to 22.42 per cent.. The result of linear model concluded that the regression coefficient of all markets was more significant. Co-efficient of multiple determination (R2) was more than 65 per cent for markets pearl millet except one market which showed above 60 per cent.
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Damor Joyal and Dr. MR Chandrakar. Price behaviour of pearl millet in Gujarat. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(8S): 272-275.

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