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Vol. 10, Special Issue 8 (2021)

A review of behavioral disorder in school going children

Preeti and Dr. Kavita Dua
A behavioral disorder or mental health problem is a condition that is experienced by the children and adolescents with difference in values and thoughts and emotions which can be challenging with futuristic point of view. The change in behavior of children may start from family environment, schools and society which could lead to mental problem. Behavioral problems can be of different types- both externalizing and internalizing commonly associated with poor academics and psychosocial functioning thus lead to hyperactivity, inattention, temper tantrum, pervasive developmental (autism) disorders, depression, anxiety, aggression, disobedience, peer problems etc. Behavioral problems in children should be identified and managed as early as possible by the families and the society as it could lead to heavy impact on the development as a social person and a feasible approach should be explored to address the identified problems.
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Preeti and Dr. Kavita Dua. A review of behavioral disorder in school going children. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(8S): 207-209.
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