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Vol. 10, Special Issue 7 (2021)

Prevalence of theileriosis in large ruminants of Uttarakhand

Deepesh Sharma, Stuti Vatsya, Aakanksha Harit, Rajeev Ranjan Kumar and Sudhir Kumar
Bovine theileriosis, an economically important disease of domesticated livestock in tropical and subtropical countries of world is caused by several Theileria sp. belonging to the Phylum Apicomplexa. In the present study, blood samples of large ruminants suspected for theilerioisis infection were received from different veterinary hospitals from July, 2019 to June, 2021. They were microscopically examined using Giemsa stain. The blood samples were recorded on the basis of season, breed, age and sex. A total of 1006 blood samples were collected, out of which 20.77% samples were found infected with theileriosis. Cattle (24.13%) were found more prone to theileriosis infection than buffalo (10.71%). The season wise analysis revealed highest prevalence in summer season (29.07%) followed by rainy (16.44%) and winter (4.34%). The age wise prevalence was found highest in adult (25.62%) followed by heifers (22.14%) and <1 years (8.38%) of age. The study revealed that female animals harbored more infection than males and cross bred, were found more infected than indigenous livestock. From the study, it was concluded that indigenous breed and younger animal population were less prone to infection than cross bred and older population. Additional care and managemental practices are required in livestock farming to avoid economic losses due to high theileriosis infection in summer and rainy season.
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Deepesh Sharma, Stuti Vatsya, Aakanksha Harit, Rajeev Ranjan Kumar and Sudhir Kumar. Prevalence of theileriosis in large ruminants of Uttarakhand. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(7S): 922-925.
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