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Vol. 10, Special Issue 7 (2021)

Sulphur: A boon in agriculture

Shiva Kumar Udayana, Puja Singh, Jaison M and Anindita Roy
Sulphur is an essential plant nutrient falling in category of secondary nutrient, which we don’t need to apply plants but they are received by plant advertently along with application of fertilizer of secondary nutrients. It is the 4th major nutrient after NPK and rank 13 in abundance with estimated concentration of 0.06-0.10%. Since sulphur is an essential nutrient it is required to all crops but its requirement is highest to Brassica crop and least to cereals. Formation of glucosides and glucosinolates, pungency in onion, synthesis different amino acid (methionine, cystein, cystine), being a component of ferrodoxin are some of the vital function performed by sulphur. Although sulphur is taken up by plants as SO42- but in order to metabolize different compound from sulphur it is reduced to different forms. S in soils occurs in many more or less distinct forms, organic and inorganic, which can be characterised by appropriate chemical and mineralogical techniques. In nature sulphur is found in several oxidation states which readily undergo transformation by chemical and microbiological processes. Here in this article, facts related to sulphur like its importance, distribution, forms in soil, sources and chemistry of transformation in soil, synthesis and function of sulphur compounds and deficiency symptoms along with its spread is going to be discussed.
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Shiva Kumar Udayana, Puja Singh, Jaison M and Anindita Roy. Sulphur: A boon in agriculture. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(7S): 912-921.

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