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Vol. 10, Special Issue 7 (2021)

Reproductive performances of indigenous pig of Jharkhand

Pawan Kumar Verma, Ravindra Kumar, Sushil Prasad and Mukesh Kumar
Pig rearing is one of the most important occupations of rural poor farmers and weaker sections of the society. It directly influences the socio economic status as it acts as an insurance coverage for the downtrodden and socially weaker section of the society. Data related to reproductive performance of indigenous pigs were collected from three district of Jharkhand state viz, Ranchi, Dumka and Simdega. Average reproductive performance of local pig were observed to be 4.3±0.35, 2.86±0.47, 12.62±0.22, 2.68±0.27, 12.58±2.23 and 7.47±0.78 for litter size at birth, litter size at weaning, age at first farrowing, litter wt. at birth, litter wt. at weaning and farrowing interval. Comparative reproductive performance of different districts were observed to be non-significant for most of the parameters under study. Significantly better reproductive performance was observed under semi-intensive system followed by intensive and scavenging housing system of management in all the districts under study.
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Pawan Kumar Verma, Ravindra Kumar, Sushil Prasad and Mukesh Kumar. Reproductive performances of indigenous pig of Jharkhand. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(7S): 885-887.
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