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Vol. 10, Special Issue 7 (2021)

Economics of tomato in Yavatmal District

Ashwin Panajwar, Nitin Bagde, Umakant Dangore, Paresh Baviskar, Utkarsha Gaware and Nishant Shende
Tomato (Lycopersicon esculantum Mill) is the world largest vegetable crop under solaneceae family and known as protective food both because of its special nutritive value and because of its wide spread production. The present study entitled “Economics of Tomato in Yavatmal district” was undertaken to study the economics of tomato production and resource use efficiency in tomato production. The study has been undertaken in Yavatmal district. The data pertains to the year 2016-17. In respect of input use efficiency physically, excess human labour, bullock labour and phosphorus were used by small size group farmers. The excess nitrogen and machine hours were used by medium size group farmers whereas the excess seed, manure and potash were used by large size group farmers. The per hectare cost of cultivation at overall level, at cost 'A2’ was Rs.45738.78, whereas cost 'B1'was Rs. 46604.23, cost ‘B2’ was Rs. 70736.56 and cost 'C1’ was Rs. 50722.28, cost ‘C2’ was Rs. 74854.60 whereas cost ‘C3’ was Rs. 82340.06. At overall level, the input-output ratio at cost ‘C2' was 1:1.94. At overall level, the regression coefficient of machine hours was significant at five per cent and seed was significant at one per cent level with 81 per cent of variation was explained by variables which were included in function. At overall level, marginal value product to the factor cost ratio of human labour, bullock labour, machine hours, seed, manure, nitrogen, phosphorous and potash was positive, which means there is a scope to increase the level of these inputs in tomato production. Hence, there is scope for increase area under cultivation.
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Ashwin Panajwar, Nitin Bagde, Umakant Dangore, Paresh Baviskar, Utkarsha Gaware and Nishant Shende. Economics of tomato in Yavatmal District. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(7S): 499-506.

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