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Vol. 10, Special Issue 6 (2021)

Climate change crash on fruit crops and management approaches

Anindita Roy, M Viswanath, Subhrajyoti Chatarjee and Amit Biswas
Global warming and climate change is the greatest apprehension of mankind in 21st century. Fruit trees, as perennial in nature have less adaptability to climatic change. The productivity and quality was reduced due to the environmental stresses such as increasing temperature, reduction in irrigation water availability, flooding and salinity. Due to irregularity of climate change variability is seen in the commercial varieties of fruits, which performs poorly in an unpredictable manner. Due to melting of ice cap in the Himalayan regions particularly plants that grown under open field conditions gets severely affected. Due to high temperature the physiological disorders are more distinct e.g. Spongy tissue of mango and fruit cracking in litchi etc. Impact of climate changes on fruit production can be minimized by some of the solutions to sustain the productivity and modification of present horticultural practices. Developing crops tolerant to high temperature, resistant to pests and diseases, short duration and producing good yields under stress conditions will be the main strategies to meets these challenges. New plant breeding techniques (NPBTs) aim to overcome traditional breeding limits for fruit tree species, in order to obtain new genotype with improved organoleptic individuality and confrontation to biotic and abiotic stress along with fruit quality achieved over centuries by (clonal) selection. Knowledge on the gene(s) controlling a precise peculiarity is essential for the use of new plant breeding techniques NPBTs, such as genome editing and cisgenesis, transgenic breeding, e.g. genome editing in citrus via transgenesis has successful results for resistivity to Citrus bacterial canker.
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Anindita Roy, M Viswanath, Subhrajyoti Chatarjee and Amit Biswas. Climate change crash on fruit crops and management approaches. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(6S): 315-319.

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