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Vol. 10, Special Issue 6 (2021)

Participatory rural appraisal for detecting the climatic conditions in Sriram Nagar village, Rangareddy district

Gadde Sriharsha, Dr. Veenitha Kumari and Dr. Chaitanya Kumari
Agriculture is the main occupation for the people living in rural India. 49% of the population in the nation is involved in agriculture and related activities (Census 2011). Because of changing climatic conditions agriculture becomes a challenging task for the farmers. PRA aims to find all available resources, the relation between the villages to the other institutions, and prepared a map with the help of villagers. In this study, various PRA tools were used for the identification of problems in Sriramnagar village of the Rangareddy district of Telangana state. Based on the observations during transect walk and at the time of group discussions, by using different PRA tools the data was collected from the villagers. Results revealed that in the village the major soil is red sandy soil, vegetables, rose, lily, paddy, cotton are the major crops, animals are hen, buffalo, cow, and goat. Only one drinking water source is present at Panchayat Office. Maximum rainfall is between June to September. National Institute of agricultural extension management (Manage) have more impact on their day to day life. The majority of the respondents had landholding between 1-2 acres have pakka house and annual income of up to Rs. 50000. Most of them belong to a middle-class family and falls under other cast community. Three canals and four check dams present around the village but these dams are filled with sand. From 2017 onwards Telangana government providing water facility to the village under mission Bhageradha scheme. By changing the time periosmany changes have occurred in villagers food habits, climate, and agricultural practices. stationary, fertilizers, seeds (for agriculture) fruits, sorghum, clothes, jewelry, etc… products are imported into the village from outside market and vegetables, rice, cotton, maize, flowers (Rose, Lilly) poultry, milk, etc. are exported from the village to outside market concluded that the major problems are water facility for irrigation. Because of climate change, the rainfall percentage is very low. Unemployment because of the low literacy rate. Villagers were not having a proper public transport facility.
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Gadde Sriharsha, Dr. Veenitha Kumari and Dr. Chaitanya Kumari. Participatory rural appraisal for detecting the climatic conditions in Sriram Nagar village, Rangareddy district. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(6S): 246-252. DOI: 10.22271/tpi.2021.v10.i6Sd.6602

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