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Vol. 10, Special Issue 1 (2021)

Consumer acceptance for blended marmalade of mandarin and lime

Rutuja N Deshmukh, Dr. SG Bharad and Akanksha Shriwastava
Marmalade is the product which is prepared from citrus fruits, where the peel of fruit is being suspended, which is having nutritional importance as it is rich source of ascorbic acid and other minerals. Marmalade made from single citrus fruits are quite popular among the consumers however, these are made from some specific fruits only. Other citrus fruits are not being used solely for preparation of marmalade due to their specific taste like lime. Blending of two different citrus fruits for preparation of marmalade can be a good opportunity for improving the nutritional quality of a value-added product by providing the basic nutrients of various fruits in a single product, hence giving better quality in respect to nutritional as well as sensorial aspect. Thus, keeping this objective in mind, the present investigation was done for finding the response of consumers towards the blended marmalade and standardizing the proportion the mandarin and lime fruits were used in different proportions for marmalade preparation and evaluated organoleptically. Among the blended marmalade the combination of 40% mandarin and 5% lime was most acceptable.
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Rutuja N Deshmukh, Dr. SG Bharad and Akanksha Shriwastava. Consumer acceptance for blended marmalade of mandarin and lime. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(1S): 175-177.
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