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Vol. 10, Special Issue 12 (2021)

Cost and returns of brinjal

Renuka Shedge, Savita Jagtap and Sujata Perne
Brinjal is one of the most important fruit vegetable crop. It contribute good in income of brinjal growing farmers and also in states/ countries economy. Along with economic value it also have good medicinal and nutritional properties. India is having second rank in brinjal production followed by China. Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra is one of the leading district in brinjal production.The study was conducted in six villages of Rahuri and Sangamner tehsils of Ahmednagar district with an objective to study the cost of cultivation and returns realized from the Brinjal cultivation. The study was based on the primary data of 90 brinjal growers for the year 2016-17. The average per hectare cost of cultivation of brinjal was estimated to ₹ 260854.26. The cost A and cost B were ₹ 1,55,525.92 and. ₹ 34,975.73, respectively. The gross returns obtained were ₹ 4,71,477.94 at the overall level with 1.81 B:C ratio and profit at cost C being ₹ 2,10,623.68. It is proved that the brinjal cultivation was profitable at all costs viz., cost A, B and C. Among the items of total cost, the rental value of land, human and bullock labour, seedlings, manure etc., were the major items of cost.
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Renuka Shedge, Savita Jagtap and Sujata Perne. Cost and returns of brinjal. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(12S): 1877-1878.

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