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Vol. 10, Special Issue 12 (2021)

Macronutrient status of street foods

Kamalabai Koodagi and Jayashree S
Street foods are quite common in urban areas. Several varieties of street foods are available to the public and quality of such ready-to-eat foods is primarily important from public health point of view. The selected (popular) street foods from various categories were subjected to quality analysis during the time of investigation, in Dharwad city in terms of nutrients. All the selected street foods differed significantly with respect to macro nutrients. Sweet items supplied more energy (311 Kcal) followed by non-vegetarian foods (305 Kcal) and least from fast foods (239 Kcal). The protein and fat content of non-vegetarian foods was more followed by fried foods, while cereal foods supplied the least. The carbohydrate content of sweet items was more (49.46 g) followed by fried foods (42.09 g) and lowest from non-vegetarian foods (24.08 g). The fried and fast foods supplied more fibre and non-vegetarian and sweet items supplied less fibre in the group. The per rupee contribution of energy was highest from sweet items (76 Kcal) followed by fried foods (68 Kcal,) cereal foods (57 Kcal) while lowest from fast foods (37 Kcal). The protein and fat content of fried foods was more. The carbohydrate content of sweet items (12.37 g) and fibre of cereal foods (2.36 g) was found to be on higher side in the street foods.
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Kamalabai Koodagi and Jayashree S. Macronutrient status of street foods. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(12S): 498-499.

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