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Vol. 10, Special Issue 12 (2021)

Aspirations of rural youth towards Agro-based enterprises

Dr. GK Waman, Dr. RP Khule and RT Tomar
The study was conducted purposively in Ahmednagar district. The Ahmednagar district comprises of 14 tehsils. The study was conducted in two tehsils i.e. Akole and Sangamner they have completed highest number of villages with diversified rural youth. The five villages were selected randomly from each tehsils thus total 10 villages were selected for study purposes. Thirteen respondents selected who engaged in agriculture activities from each village by simple random sampling technique and thus total 130 respondents were selected for the present investigation. The findings of the study showed that majority of the respondent’s belonged to young age group, most of them educated up to higher secondary education level, semi medium size of land holding. Majority of the respondents had only agriculture as occupation, with medium level of social participation, with medium level of cosmopoliteness, medium mass media exposure and medium level of economic motivation. Most of them had medium level of innovativeness, medium level of scientific orientation and medium level of level of attitude. The aspiration of rural youths in different agro based enterprises revealed that foremost aspiration given for Poultry which rank first followed by animal husbandry (milk production).Majority of rural youth had medium level of aspiration.
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Dr. GK Waman, Dr. RP Khule and RT Tomar. Aspirations of rural youth towards Agro-based enterprises. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(12S): 2073-2075.

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