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Vol. 10, Special Issue 11 (2021)

Recent trends in production of dry flowers and foliages

Vidhya C, S Senthilkumar and S Manivannan
Dried flowers in floriculture are gaining knowledge with the booming floriculture industry in India. Dried flowers in the field of floriculture provide an excellent opportunity to increase the income of the farmer throughout the year despite the bad climate hazards. Dehydration techniques help to maintain the original color and shape of flowers for long-term use with little care. A detailed variation in drying time between to all members of the family, farmers can easily earn 1.5 times to 5 times profit from value addition of dried flowers. Input cost is reduced by incorporation of priceless house to get higher returns and waste material available with dried flower used to make floral handicrafts.
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Vidhya C, S Senthilkumar and S Manivannan. Recent trends in production of dry flowers and foliages. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(11S): 2135-2139.

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