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Vol. 10, Special Issue 11 (2021)

Formulation of functional gingelly spread

Meenakshi V, K Kalaiselvan, M Ilamaran and R Vijayalakshmi
The major Gingelly producers are India, Myanmar, China and Sudan with 68% of the total world production. Value addition by developing a product like Gingelly spread makes the nutritional benefits more available and easy to consume for all age groups in different food preparations. Gingelly spread is categorized among nutraceutical and functional foods and healthy alternative product which can be eaten as spread on bread, biscuit sandwiches, salad dressing and in soups. In the present study Gingelly spread was developed by subjecting to two pretreatments such as roasting for 5 minutes with 30 per cent and baking for 180 oC for 30 minutes. From Sensory scores it was found that Gingelly seeds roasted for five minutes and Gingelly seeds baked at 180 oC for 30 minutes added with other standardized ingredients secured higher organoleptic scores. The composition of gingelly spread was 100 g of gingelly seeds (roasted / baked), 30 gm of Sugar, 0.5 gm of salt, five ml gingelly oil and one per cent stabiliser. The products were packed in PET boxes and stored at room temperature. The quality parameters such as moisture, ash, protein, fat, fiber, free fatty acid value, phytic acid, oxalic acid, colour value and Microbial load were analyzed. The developed product could be stored upto 30 days without any preservative.
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Meenakshi V, K Kalaiselvan, M Ilamaran and R Vijayalakshmi. Formulation of functional gingelly spread. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(11S): 2005-2009.

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