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Vol. 10, Special Issue 11 (2021)

The impact of cell phones on young teens

Kshiptimayee Patra and Chinmayee Patra
People are becoming more reliant on modern technology and media devices such as cell phones, computers, and tablets. Young people, particularly teens, are particularly receptive to these technologies. Smartphones are important in their lives since they allow them to learn and explore a wide range of things in a matter of seconds. Adolescents, on the other hand, have encountered physical, educational, and social concerns as a result of spending more time on smartphones. In light of this, the current study looked into the effects of smartphones on early adolescents. Using a simple random sampling approach, 200 samples were collected from five schools in Jagannath Prasad block; district Ganjam, Odisha, for the study. A self-created questionnaire was utilised to acquire the necessary information from the respondents. The findings revealed that teenagers are spending more time on their smartphones, with the goal of becoming active on social media. In terms of consequences, their school performance was the first to suffer, followed by their health.
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Kshiptimayee Patra and Chinmayee Patra. The impact of cell phones on young teens. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(11S): 1952-1954.

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