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Vol. 10, Special Issue 11 (2021)

Constraints faced by the farmers in the use of indigenous technology knowledge and their suggestions

SP Dhoke, JV Ekale and PR Deshmukh
The present study was conducted with the specific objective of “Profile”. The present study was conducted in Hingoli and Nanded district of the Marathwada region of Maharashtra state which was selected purposively for the research study. Both districts identified as the disadvantaged districts by the Planning Commission. Out of these two districts total six Tahsils has been chosen for the research study on the basis of disadvantaged Talukas identified by the Planning Commission. Four villages from each Taluka were selected randomly for the study.
The total villages for the study were 24. Ten respondents from each village were selected randomly for the study and prepared a sample of 240 respondents. Ex- post facto research design was adopted in this study. The data were collected with the help of pretested interview schedule from the respondents as per their convenience at their home or farms. Constraints faced by the respondents in use of indigenous technology knowledge from the study it was found that, attractive nature of modern practices, Lack of pest and disease resistant varieties, Inadequate and untimely supply of agricultural inputs, Farmers are not willing to take risk, Low yielding nature of traditional package of Practices, High labor requirement, the ignorance of younger generation towards Indigenous Technical Knowledge, Limited number of experts about Indigenous Knowledge, Lack of publications on proven indigenous technologies, Lack of training about indigenous knowledge. Obtain suggestions from respondents overcoming the constraints while using indigenous technology knowledge, develop Indigenous Technical Knowledge packages to suit to particular localities, global agriculture today stands at the cross roads and its sustainability has become a major cause of concern. The most important challenge, which agriculture faces today is to produce more without harming the eco system, the permanent and cheapest solution to overcome the dangerous effects of modern agriculture is use of ITKs in agriculture properly with maintaining the production, make Indigenous Technical Knowledge more compatible with modern technologies, the creators of traditional knowledge are unaware about scientific fact or rationale behind the practices. Hence, its documentation and verification becomes necessary, Provide some literatures and equipment’s about l.T.K.'s a based on traditional wisdom to the farmers which are cheaper, easily available, and easy to handle, convince younger generations for the benefit and importance of Indigenous Technical Knowledge, Farmers, community level workers, extension workers and agricultural officers must all be trained on Indigenous Technological Knowledge (ITK) and practices, Documentation of all these ITKs are necessary to understand the scientific rational, to accelerate technical change, to enable better understanding of technology development and to increase awareness among farm youth and pride among farmers, Training programmes should be organized by different institutions to include tested and tried traditional indigenous practices that are most appropriate and suited to the local conditions.
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SP Dhoke, JV Ekale and PR Deshmukh. Constraints faced by the farmers in the use of indigenous technology knowledge and their suggestions. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(11S): 21-23.

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