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Vol. 10, Special Issue 10 (2021)

Role of cover crops and crop residues in conservation agriculture: A review

Vijay Bharti and Anuradha Saha
The growth of conventional agriculture remained linear for a longer duration and was based on maximizing the output/productivity, which has become unsustainable as it was based on depletion of natural resources and massive addition of external inputs. Presently, India is facing various challenges in agriculture sector like stagnating net sown area, reduction in per capita land availability, climate change effect and deterioration of land quality. Out of the various causes of agricultural land degradation, it is low soil carbon content which has disrupted many important soil- mediated processes. The principal indicators of non-sustainability in agriculture systems has forced us to shift towards farming practices aimed at eliminating unsustainable practices of conventional agriculture which are of immense value for future productivity gains. Conservation agriculture is the way forward and it is the resource-saving agricultural production system that aims to achieve production intensification and high yields while enhancing the natural resource base through compliance with three interrelated principles, along with other good production practices of plant nutrition and pest management. Maintenance of permanent soil organic cover with crop residues and/or cover crops provides a protective layer of vegetation on the soil surface which suppresses weeds, protects the soil from the impact of extreme weather patterns, helps to preserve soil moisture, reduces soil compaction, improves soil biological activity, alter the soil microclimate for optimal growth and development of soil organisms. Many of the advantages of conservation agriculture currently in use can be derived from the cover crop or crop residues and can be applied successfully for gaining crop productivity.
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Vijay Bharti and Anuradha Saha. Role of cover crops and crop residues in conservation agriculture: A review. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(10S): 1445-1448.

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