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Vol. 10, Special Issue 10 (2021)

A review study on solar powered Weeder

Hemant Meena and Dr. SS Meena
A review on different types of Weeders, solar powered machines and solar powered Weeders was carried out to provide proper knowledge about basic design considerations of weeding mechanism and solar powered system. It had been found that weeding operation involves the soil tool interaction. So, the design of weeding mechanism should consider both weed parameters and soil parameters. From study it had been found that the solar power system should consist of the solar panel, solar charge controller, battery backup, load controller as per designed parameters. The efficiency of the solar system can be improved by application of dc power converters. From the study of developed solar powered Weeders, it was found that different types of Weeders had been developed such as based on artificial intelligence solar powered robot Weeder, solar powered portable power Weeder, solar powered walking type power Weeder etc.
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Hemant Meena and Dr. SS Meena. A review study on solar powered Weeder. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(10S): 1359-1364.

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