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Vol. 10, Special Issue 10 (2021)

A medical management on bovine ephemeral fever in cross breed dairy cattle

R Tamilinban, A Rajadurai and Thanga Thamil Vanan
The livestock sector contributes nearly 17.1% of the value of output at current prices in Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry sector. The overall contribution of Livestock Sector in total GDP was nearly 5.1% during 2019-20. Dairying in India is witnessing transformation from traditional production system to either semi-commercial or commercial production system, which requires high producing dairy animals. A total of 120 clinically suspected cases of ephemeral fever in Kallakurichi district, Tamilnadu during 2018-2020 were conducted for this study, the animal species, age and history has been recorded. Trial was conducted using two set of drug. All clinically suspected animals had been divided in group 1 (60 animals) and group 2 (60 animals). Group (1) received phenyl butazone inj. an analgesic and antipyretic drug @ 8 mg/kg body weight deep IM and rumenotorics 2 bolus BID orally for 3 consecutive days. Group (2) animals were treated with phenyl butazone inj @ 8 mg/kg body wt. deep IM daily for 3 days along with Oxytetracycline LA inj. @ 20mg/kg body wt. IM. As supportive therapy also rumenotorics 2 bolus BID institute for 3 consecutive days. A combination of analgesic, antipyretic inj. phenyl butazone along with Oxytetracycline gave significant result over schedule used against group A cross breed dairy cows.
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R Tamilinban, A Rajadurai and Thanga Thamil Vanan. A medical management on bovine ephemeral fever in cross breed dairy cattle. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(10S): 480-481.

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