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Vol. 9, Special Issue 9 (2020)

Design and development of protective gear for Chilli destalkers

R Prabhavathi, D Anitha and Jyothi Vastrad
Destalking of dry chilies is a process followed at the trader’s level to improve the colour and quality of chilli powder. Women are engaged in this manual activity who not only face health issues but encounter injuries to hands and fingers due to the dry pricky stalks of chillies. Information on the period of work, output and health issues were elicited with the help of specially designed questionnaire developed for the purpose. 50 women were involved in the study. The survey results revealed that the destalking operation is done from four to six months in year spending 5-10 hours per day by 44% of them, with an output of more than 6 kg per day by 64%. 82 per cent indicated that they feel burning sensation in hands and fingers which they overcome using fine jute thread to wrap fingers. Sixty per cent had irritation in nostrils due to pungency, pain on fingers (48%), and eye irritation (46%) respectively. Based on these survey results hand gloves were designed different length, using cotton fabric and knitted fabric and in style with quirks and without quirks. Design features were evaluated by the experts for their suitability and glove without quirks received higher response.
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R Prabhavathi, D Anitha and Jyothi Vastrad. Design and development of protective gear for Chilli destalkers. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2020; 9(9S): 216-219. DOI: 10.22271/tpi.2020.v9.i9Se.5274

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