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Vol. 9, Special Issue 9 (2020)

Obstetrical disorders in farm animals: A review

M Selvaraju, S Prakash, V Varudharajan, K Ravikumar, M Palanisamy, D Gopikrishnan, K Senthilkumar and S Manokaran
Obstetrical problem in each animal is an emergency case and it requires patience, physical stamina, mental strength, presence of mind, tolerability and acceptability according to the need to save the life of the animal patient and fetus. At the same time while attending the obstetrical cases, it should be borne in mind that the future fertility of the animal should be protected. Unhygienic approach and hasty handling of each case not only threatens the fetus/dam’s life but also veterinarian’s life. Chromosomal aberrations during embryonic or fetal development causes varying degrees of structural deformities which may lead to dystocia, abortion, still birth or birth of poor growth off-springs in farm animals. Normally, dystocias due to fetal monstrosities require either fetotomy or cesarean section for the successful delivery of fetus, however per vaginum delivery is possible with small sized fetus and also in early fresh cases. Therefore, various types of dystocias including uterine torsion, uterine inertia, fetal asites, anasarca, hydrocephalus, schistosomus reflexus, perosomus elumbis, hydrallantois, arthrogryposis, fetal giantism, conjoined twins, bull dog monster, fetal mummification, maceration and hysterocele were discussed in terms of etiology, treatment and prognosis. Further, clinical management of cervicovaginal prolapse and total uterine prolapse in farm animals are documented. Cesarean section in sows under local infiltration anaesthesia has been presented. Deleterious effect of obstetrical conditions on future fertility also reviewed based on clinical evidence. To improve conception rate in retained fetal membranes affected cows, ovsynch protocol has been recommended.
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M Selvaraju, S Prakash, V Varudharajan, K Ravikumar, M Palanisamy, D Gopikrishnan, K Senthilkumar and S Manokaran. Obstetrical disorders in farm animals: A review. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2020; 9(9S): 65-74.

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