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Vol. 9, Special Issue 7 (2020)

Correlates of adoption of dairy innovations among dairy farmers

G Triveni, GRK Sharma, Ch. Satyanarayana, K Sarjan Rao and T Raghunandhan
Dairy sector plays a pivotal role in improving the nutritional standards of people, generating employment opportunities, improving rural economy besides fulfilling consumer demands. Inspite of its huge contribution to the rural economy not much of improved technologies were adopted by the farmers due to various reasons like lack of knowledge, inappropriateness of technology, poor extension services, resistance to change etc. This study is an effort intended to explore the variables contributing to the adoption of dairy innovations and significant variation explained by the selected variables in the adoption process. Three districts from all the three regions of Andhra Pradesh were selected purposively and from each district, three mandals and six villages were selected based on farmers ranking in adoption of innovations. Thus, 360 farmers were selected from total 18 villages. Correlation, multiple regression and step down multiple regression were carried out to identify the independent variables that accounted for variation in adoption levels of the respondents. The step down multiple regression analysis done at last step for prediction of influence of independent variables on rate of adoption revealed that, experience, herd size, milk production, income, economic orientation and information seeking behaviour were significant (P<0.01) in positive direction while age is significant (P<0.01) in negative direction. All these variables were crucial in explaining the variation in adoption among dairy farmers.
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G Triveni, GRK Sharma, Ch. Satyanarayana, K Sarjan Rao and T Raghunandhan. Correlates of adoption of dairy innovations among dairy farmers. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2020; 9(7S): 233-236.

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