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Vol. 9, Special Issue 7 (2020)

Influence of home environment and mental health on metacognitive skill in adolescents

Meera Rani, Dr. Krishna Duhan and Sumit
Present study is an attempt to study the influence of metacognition on the home environment and mental health of adolescents sample consisting of 300 participants, 150 of whom were females and 150 were males. The study also attempted to provide an outline of factors influencing metacognitive skills of adolescents. Variables such as residential area, gender, academic class, birth order, age, parental education, parental occupation, family structure, family size, siblings, family income, home environment and mental health influenced metacognition skills of adolescents. The study was conducted in the Hisar District, Haryana state. The tools metacognition Awareness Inventory (MAI) which was developed and validated by Schraw and Dennison (1994) [12] was used for assessing metacognition. Home Environment Inventory (HMI) by Mishra (1983) [8] was used for measuring home environment and Mental Health Inventory (MHI) by Jagdish and Srivastava (1983) [6] was used for assessing mental health. Results revealed that socio-economic variables (residential area, age, academic class, mother’s education and family income) and punishment, reward, nurturance and overall home environment were significantly associated with levels of metacognition. Results further indicated that different aspects of mental health i.e. positive self-evaluation, perception of reality, integration of personality, autonomy, environment mastery and overall mental health found significantly associated with metacognition.
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Meera Rani, Dr. Krishna Duhan and Sumit. Influence of home environment and mental health on metacognitive skill in adolescents. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2020; 9(7S): 81-86.
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